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Using DML with ADRCI

The Oracle Database has some useful debugging and diagnostics features. One such utility called the Automatic Diagnostics Repository Command Interpreter or ADRCI, enables database and system administrators to view and analyze information including trace and log files.

In addition to the usual ADR commands, you can also issue DML-like statements. These statements are limited to the diagnostics information found in the ADR. Let's take a look at how to use ADRCI to issue DML.

Please note: DML statement issued via ADRCI don't require a termination character such as the semicolon. Also, the statements have to be on a single line.

The following DML commands are defined in ADRCI version

To get a list of the commands, use the help keyword in ADRCI.

You may notice that only the SELECT statement is shown by default. To see the list of additional commands, type help extended.

Note: Commands proceeded by an asterisk are restricted for Ora…