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Setup a Wordpress site in 10 Minutes using Oracle Container Cloud Service

Oracle Container Cloud Service Oracle Container Cloud Service lets you easily deploy applications based on docker images. If you don't have an existing application you can create one on docker. However, the easiest method to get a full application up and running is by deploying a stack. Oracle Container Cloud Service provides several example stacks that you can deploy, including web servers based on NGINX or Apache, MongoDB database, and Wordpress. You can find more examples on Oracle GitHub Site. Let's see just how easy it is to spin up a Wordpress site using the Oracle Container Cloud Service. Prerequisites: Access to Oracle Cloud Account
Subscription to Oracle IaaS Service

First, go to the Oracle Container Cloud Service console and launch a new service. In this example, I created a service with three containers. One manager and two worker nodes. Choose an appropriate "shape" for your compute instances.
Note: Oracle uses the term "shape" to refer to the re…