How to Get More Time to Play Golf or Faster Data Delivery with Delphix

The Delphix Data Virtualization Engine allows DBAs to spend less time cloning and refreshing databases and focus on other import tasks - like golf or your favorite activity. In full disclosure, I tried golf once and was 'turrible' at it. In all seriousness, having the ability to spin up a virtual database (VDB) in a matter of minutes shaves hours or days off of manual, mundane and error prone work. This makes customers (developers, analysts) happy too. Not only can you quickly and easily create full read/write copies of their production data, they also get the time machine-like ability to go backwards and forwards with their data, which opens up a world of possibilities.

As a database administrator, I've spent way too many hours creating clones of databases for development, test and reporting purposes. Cloning or duplicating multi-terabyte databases can take a very long time. Oracle databases, in particular, can become complex depending on how the clone is being performed. Recovery Manager (RMAN) is the tool of choice for cloning an Oracle database. Nonetheless, many things can go wrong during the process. How long does it take you to clone a database to a new server after you've requested the storage, and reviewed your carefully drafted cloning document, last used six months ago? What happens if you run out of space in the middle of a cloning operation? Wrong point in time selected for clone - oops! Flashback to the many hours,  nights and weekends lost having to monitor a painstakingly long refresh process - only to have it fail due to missing archive logs!  Especially on a beautiful day with mild temperatures and low humidity - perfect conditions for golfing!

Now let's imagine getting a ticket on a Friday morning requesting a full database refresh for an urgent bug fix affecting customers. You sigh to yourself because you know you'll have to deliver the bad news that it'll take the weekend to get it ready, and more importantly, that tee time that you booked for the weekend is now goners. With Delphix virtualization engine, that's a thing of the past. Why? cloning or refreshing a database takes minutes - no matter how large your database is. You also get great bonus features too. Storage savings (datafiles not copied), ability to rewind your VDB after the developer accidentally deletes data because he didn't specify a where clause in his delete script. On top of that, you have a little known cold failover solution for your VDBs!

I know what you're thinking. It sounds too good to be true. Getting your work done and making your customers happy and still having time to golf! Learn more about the Delphix Data Virtualization engine here. And try it for yourself.

I'm going to leave you with a video created by a colleague of mine that captures what I've just discussed. Happy golfing!


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