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How to Get More Time to Play Golf or Faster Data Delivery with Delphix

The Delphix Data Virtualization Engine allows DBAs to spend less time cloning and refreshing databases and focus on other import tasks - like golf or your favorite activity. In full disclosure, I tried golf once and was 'turrible' at it. In all seriousness, having the ability to spin up a virtual database (VDB) in a matter of minutes shaves hours or days off of manual, mundane and error prone work. This makes customers (developers, analysts) happy too. Not only can you quickly and easily create full read/write copies of their production data, they also get the time machine-like ability to go backwards and forwards with their data, which opens up a world of possibilities.

As a database administrator, I've spent way too many hours creating clones of databases for development, test and reporting purposes. Cloning or duplicating multi-terabyte databases can take a very long time. Oracle databases, in particular, can become complex depending on how the clone is being performed…