Provisioning Databases with Oracle Multitenant Self Service Application

Uploaded slide from my KScope 14 presentation: "Databases for the Masses: Self-Service Oracle Multitenant with APEX"

Here are a couple of short demos on using the PDBSS application.


  1. Hi Leighton,

    I've come across the following issue when using the "Self-Service Oracle Multitenant" app.
    The database is version and the APEX is
    The install went quite well, but the problem arises when creating a PDB in the app.

    I get the following error in the history tab:
    "ORA-20000: pdbss_Provisioning reports error from pdbss_Provisioning_Internal for job pdbss_Provision_0000000000013 on instance ultra12c ORA-24344: success with compilation error ORA-06512: at line 72" and because the package is wrapped I cannot find the actual problem.
    The PDB is created but without USERS tablespace and in RESTRICTED mode.

    Do you have some advise or point me to the right direction?

    Best regards,


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