Useful EMCLI commands for Pluggable Database-As-A-Service

This is a quick note on some useful EMCLI commands for enabling and managing Pluggable Database-as-a-Service (PDBaaS).

Get Paas Zone details
emcli get_paas_zone_detail -name="DBA_Test_Zone"

  Name                            DBA_Test_Zone
  Named Credentials               NC_HOST_2012-10-20-160312
  Number of Hosts                 5
  Roles                           CLOUD_DBA
  Maximum Memory Allocation (%)   90
  Maximum CPU Utilization (%)     80

Update PaaS zone placement policy constraints
emcli update_paas_zone -name="DBA_Test_Zone" -memory_utilization=99 -cpu_utilization=99
PaaS Infrastructure Zone "DBA_Test_Zone" updated successfully. 

Add host to PaaS Zone
emcli update_paas_zone -name="DBA_Test_Zone" -add_hosts=""
PaaS Infrastructure Zone "DBA_Test_Zone" updated successfully.

Find the members of a PaaS Zone
emcli get_system_members -name="DBA_Test_Zone" -type="self_service_zone"
Source Target Name  Member Target Name         Member Target Type  Level  Key Member
DBA_Test_Zone       Schema_Pool_11203          schaas_pool         1
DBA_Test_Zone       Schema_Pool_11202          schaas_pool         1
DBA_Test_Zone       host                1
DBA_Test_Zone     host                1
DBA_Test_Zone       host                1
DBA_Test_Zone       host                1
DBA_Test_Zone     host                1
DBA_Test_Zone     host                1
DBA_Test_Zone       Single Instance AIX Pool   oracle_cloud_zone   1
Create a PDB Pool
emcli create_pool -name="Pluggable DB Pool" -target_type="pdbaas_pool" -paas_zone="DBA_Test_Zone" -members="orclcdb" -description="Oracle Database 12c Pool for Pluggable Databases" -member_constraints="PLATFORM_CDB=226,TARGET_TYPE_CDB=oracle_database,VERSION_CDB="
Software Pool "Pluggable DB Pool" created successfully.

View the constraints for a PDBaaS pool
emcli get_pool_allowed_member_constraints -target_type=pdbaas_pool
Name                  Value                 Description

PLATFORM_CDB          197                   HP-UX Itanium
                      59                    HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit)
                      212                   IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
                      209                   IBM: Linux on System z
                      46                    Linux x86
                      226                   Linux x86-64
                      912                   Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
                      208                   Microsoft Windows Itanium (64-bit)
                      233                   Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
                      23                    Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
                      267                   Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit)

TARGET_TYPE_CDB       rac_database          Cluster Database
                      oracle_database       Database Instance

Display details about the Pool
emcli get_pool_detail -name="Pluggable DB Pool" -target_type=pdbaas_pool

  Name                            Pluggable DB Pool
  Target Type                     pdbaas_pool
  Description                     Oracle Database 12c Pool for Pluggable Databases
  Paas Infrastructure Zone        DBA_Test_Zone
  Number of Members               1
  Placement Constraints
  Member Constraints              PLATFORM_CDB : Linux x86-64 , TARGET_TYPE_CDB : Database Instance
                                   , VERSION_CDB :
Find all pluggable databases
emcli get_targets -target="oracle_pdb"
Status  Status           Target Type           Target Name
1       Up               oracle_pdb            racdb_CDBROOT
0       Down             oracle_pdb            racdb_RACPDB
0       Down             oracle_pdb            racdb_RAC_PDB1
0       Down             oracle_pdb            racdb_RAC_PDB2

Get a list of all Pluggable databases, pools, database clouds and PaaS zones
emcli get_targets -target="oracle_pdb;%pool;cloud;%zone"
Status  Status           Target Type           Target Name
-9      n/a              cloud                 Middleware and Database Cloud
-9      n/a              oracle_cloud_zone     DBAAS_Pool_AIX
-9      n/a              oracle_cloud_zone     DB12cPool
-9      n/a              oracle_cloud_zone     Dev 11203 Linux VM
1       Up               oracle_pdb            racdb_CDBROOT
0       Down             oracle_pdb            racdb_RACPDB
0       Down             oracle_pdb            racdb_RAC_PDB1
0       Down             oracle_pdb            racdb_RAC_PDB2
-9      n/a              pdbaas_pool           PDB Pool
-9      n/a              schaas_pool           DBAAS_SCHAAS
-9      n/a              schaas_pool           Dev 11203 AIX
-9      n/a              self_service_zone     Lab Zone (Linux)
-9      n/a              self_service_zone     Lab Zone (AIX)

Here is a list of more useful PDBaaS/DBaaS verbs 

PaaS Zone verbs
create_paas_zone      -- To Create a PaaS Infrastructure Zone
delete_paas_zone      -- To Delete a PaaS Infrastructure Zone
get_paas_zone_detail  -- To get PaaS Infrastructure Zone details
update_paas_zone      -- To Update a PaaS Infrastructure Zone

Software and Database Pool verbs
create_pool           -- To Create a Software Pool
delete_pool           -- To Delete a Software Pool
get_pool_allowed_member_constraints           -- To get possible member constraint values of a Software Pool based on its target type
get_pool_allowed_placement_constraints        -- To get the placement constraints of a Software Pool based on its target type
get_pool_capacity     -- To get Software Pool capacity
get_pool_detail       -- To get Software Pool details
get_pool_filtered_targets     -- To get the filtered targets for a Software Pool based on the criteria passed
update_pool           -- To Update a Software Pool

Quota verbs
create_dbaas_quota    -- To Create Database Quota for a SSA User Role
delete_dbaas_quota    -- To Delete the Database Quota setup for a SSA User Role
get_dbaas_quota       -- To List the Database Quota setup for all SSA User Roles
update_dbaas_quota    -- To Update the Database Quota for a SSA User Role

Profile verbs
create_dbprofile    -- Create Database Profile
delete_dbprofile    -- Delete Database Profile
describe_dbprofile_input    -- Describe Database Profile Input
list_dbprofiles     -- List Database Profiles


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