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Get on the Fast Track to DBaaS with EM12c - Part I

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) has now become a buzzword in the IT industry. Organizations are starting to realize the benefits of database as a service thanks to the ubiquity of "The Cloud". Companies relying on Oracle databases for managing their data can also get on the DBaaS fast track thanks to Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. Using EM12c you can enable self-service and rapid provisioning of Oracle databases and enjoy all the benefits (well most) of Cloud computing.  EM12c supports both IaaS and PaaS models. These are also tightly integrated with Oracle VM Server along with their engineered systems including Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
Setting up and configuring DBaaS requires several steps. While these are well-documented, it seems like a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with process. A list of steps required to setup DBaaS include the following:

■Create Roles and Users
■Setup Privilege Delegation
■Add Hosts
■Configure Software Library

Useful EMCLI commands for Pluggable Database-As-A-Service

This is a quick note on some useful EMCLI commands for enabling and managing Pluggable Database-as-a-Service (PDBaaS).

Get Paas Zone details emcli get_paas_zone_detail -name="DBA_Test_Zone"
NameDBA_Test_Zone Named CredentialsNC_HOST_2012-10-20-160312 Number of Hosts5 RolesCLOUD_DBA Maximum Memory Allocation (%)90 Maximum CPU Utilization (%)     80
Update PaaS zone placement policy constraints emcli update_paas_zone -name="DBA_Test_Zone" -memory_utilization=99 -cpu_utilization=99 PaaS Infrastructure Zone "DBA_Test_Zone" updated successfully.
Add host to PaaS Zone emcli update_paas_zone -name="DBA_Test_Zone" -add_hosts="" PaaS Infrastructure Zone "DBA_Test_Zone" updated successfully.
Find the members of a PaaS Zone emcli get_system_members -name="DBA_Test_Zone" -type="self_service_zone" Source Target NameMember Target NameMember Target TypeLevelKey Member DBA_Test_ZoneSchema_Pool_11203schaas_pool1 DBA_T…