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Look who's tweeting now - Sending OEM Notifications via Twitter

Disclaimer: The steps described in this post have only been tested in a lab environment. Verify that your organization's security policy isn't being violated when doing any of these steps. Twitter is a public social networking platform and has inherent security risks. I will not accept responsibility if you perform this in your production environment.

Many applications built in the past couple of years have integrated social networking widgets (useful or not) to connect a social world via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. However, most enterprise applications still rely on email as the primary notification method.
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c allows us to send notifications for incidents, events, jobs out of the box via email. In addition, EM12c supports advanced notification methods including OS scripts, PL/SQL scripts and SNMP traps. For the complete description of Notification Methods you can read the chapter in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c …