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Oracle Database 12c Direct NFS

Oracle direct NFS or dNFS introduced in Oracle 11gR2 allows the NFS operations to be moved to the database layer instead of operating system kernel. After installing Oracle RAC it appears the direct NFS is enabled by default.
You can check the alert log to verify that the direct NFS ODM library has been loaded. Messages similar to the following will be displayed.

Oracle instance running with ODM: Oracle Direct NFS ODM Library Version 3.0

Direct NFS may use several configuration files to determine the mount points on which it is used.

If oranfstab is not configured then it will check the currently mounted filesystems from /etc/mtab and if the mount options are correct it will use dNFS for database I/O.
For example:
cat /etc/mtab | grep oraclelinuxtest
filer1:/vol/volnds001_oraclelinuxtest_db/nds001 /u03/oradata nfs rw,bg,hard,nointr,tcp,nfsvers=3,timeo=600,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,actimeo=0,addr= 0 0

Upgrading EM12c Agents using EMCLI

Note to self on how to upgrade EM Agents using EMCLI

Find upgradeable agents:
$ emcli get_upgradable_agents
Upgradable Agents

Agent Installed Version Version After Upgrade Platform Oracle Home
----- ----------------- --------------------- -------- -----------
oradba10t:3872 IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit) /u02/oracle/agent12c/core/
oradba11t:3872 IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit) /u02/oracle/agent12c/core/

$ vi /tmp/oradba_agents.txt
$ cat /tmp/oradba_agents.txt
oradba11t:3872Upgrade agents using an input file 
$ emcli upgrade_agents -input_file="agents_file:/tmp/oradba_agents.txt" -j…

Configure and De-configure OMS with SLB

My OEM environment consists of two management servers (OMS) for high availability (level 3 HA). We also have a SLB configured for the OMSs but they haven't been configured with the SLB virtual hostname. I know, this sounds very confusing but there's a difference. Essentially they act as individual OMSs since agents can only upload to one OMS and console is pointed to a single OMS. The load balancer is a F5 BIG-IP and all the configuration setting were done for using OEM. This whitepaper clearly describes how to do this.  
After upgrading my OEM environment from to I decided to reconfigure the OMSs to use the SLB virtual hostname. Reconfiguring the SLB involves securing the OMSs with the virtual hostname of the SLB. [oracle@oms1[]-/u01/Oracle/Middleware/oms/bin >./emctl secure oms -host -secure_port 4899 -slb_port 4889 -slb_console_port 443
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3
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