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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Shared Agent Install

This post is mostly a reminder to myself on how to install an EM12c shared agent. I found the documentation somewhat lacking, so I hope this will help someone else attempting to perform a shared agent installation. With a shared agent installation, a master agent is installed on a shared filesystem such as NFS and a shared agent is "installed" on remote hosts. The remote hosts should have read-only access to the share. The documentation lists the following pre-requisites for the mount options on the remote host. mount -t nfs -o ro :
For example, run the following command:
mount -t nfs -o ro /scratch/sharedAgent Since I use a NAS for serving NFS shares in my environment I replaced the master_agent_host_name with the name of the filer and the exported volume.

The shared agent will have its agent instance located on a local file system which contains configuration and host-specific information. When deploying an agent on NFS, the default location of…

Installing Oracle EM 12c Agents with EMCLI

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c introduced several ways to deploy agents to hosts. The Oracle Management Agents are responsible for gathering metrics from targets such as database instances, listeners and the host themselves and sending them to the Oracle Management repository and Server for further processing. It also interacts with targets by executing commands sent via the OMS Console and the EM Command Line Interface (EMCLI).

EM12c release 1 introduced four ways of deploying Management Agents Add Target Host Wizard - Agents are mass deployed using the Management Console.AgentPull - Silent install script to automatically download and deploy agents on remote targets using a response file.agentDeploy - Silent install script to deploy agents using a response file after manually downloading a compressed package of the agent using EMCLI and transferring it to remote targets.RPM - Use a .rpm package to deploy to targets that support it (Linux x86-64).  Starting with EM12c rele…

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 Upgrade

The third release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is now available. It includes numerous enhancements such as updated user interface, improved EMCLI with scripting options, Administration Group enhancements, OMS Disaster improvements among others. For the complete list see the New Features page.
For users still running on pre-12c or, it is a highly recommended upgrade. If you are running EM you may see some benefits of upgrading but I personally wouldn't rush off unless there were some compelling features/fixes that would be of benefit. That said, if you do decide on going full speed with the new release, here is a step-by-step document on how I upgraded a POC environment with a single OMS and repository on the same server from with PSU3 to
The official Oracle documentation lists the detailed steps for the upgrade here.

The pre-requisite steps needed for the upgrade are listed below:

0. Allocate additional space (14GB on Linux x86-64…