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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control - Database Template

The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c ( is accompanied by a Database template pre-configured for the repository. I was quite pleased to see this addition, since installing Enterprise Manager required some upfront footwork in configuring the database to be used as the repository. Personally, I was a bit annoyed every time the installer complained about parameters that it needed changed on the repository database during installation  (though some we not mandatory during installation).
As a pre-requisite to using the template you should have a software-only installation of a Oracle RDBMS software. The installation instructions warn that the template is suitable for a Simple Install. However you may also use it as a basis of an Advanced Installation. You can read the rest of the instructions here.
Note: The instructions in the documentation has a screenshot of a Oracle Database 12c DBCA instead of the DBCA. I suspect this is a document…