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Learning Oracle VM Server with Oracle VM VirtualBox

In theme with my Collaborate 12 presentation - Learning Oracle with Oracle VM VirtualBox, I've decided to put a quick post together on using VirtualBox to learn Oracle VM Server 3.1. A VM within a VM you say? Reminds me of Inception. But yes it works!
I've been wanting to learn/play with Oracle VM Server for some time now. However, due to the bare metal requirements of the hypervisor I've been unable/unwilling to procure a dedicated machine for such a hobby. Previous attempts at installing OVM Server on VirtualBox also failed and posts by other users on several forums have also confirmed similar problems.
I must say big thank to my friend @Yuri for providing me access to his OVM Server all the way in Australia to help expose me to the technology. However, not having physical access limits the learning experience.  Wim Coekaertstweeted about Oracle VM Manager and Server 3.1 was now available as VirtualBox templates (appliances). Now this kind of stuff makes me feel like a kid…