My Collaborate 12 Presentations

IOUG Collaborate 12 has come and gone and here I am two months letter without an update. As the saying goes -  better late than never.
This was my first time at Collaborate and presenting to a user group. It was a very personal and professionally gratifying experience. My quick tip session (30 minutes) about RAC/Clusterware Diagnostic Tools went very well for a rookie. I received some great feedback. However, the session proved to be too short to cover the scope of the content and I'm working on preparing an extended version for anyone interested. My second presentation on Learning Oracle with Oracle VM VirtualBox was not as I expected. Maybe it was because of the massive room that I presented in - less intimate and very intimidating. Nevertheless, it was an OK presentation and I had a couple of very engaged attendees who had many questions at the end of the session. Questions are good - in my opinion.
In addition to the my sessions, I found some time to attend others. A few of the ones that stood out to me were Yury Velikanov presentation on "10 Problems with your RMAN Backup Script" - which was an exciting and well attended session on problems and suggestions for improving backup recoverability when using RMAN. There was also "How Oracle Locking Works" by the venerable Arup Nanda - always informative, clear and concise. Riyaj Shamsudeen also presented on "SCAN, VIP, HAIP and other RAC Acronyms" were he went into the internals of SCAN and RAC networking in general.The RAC SIG Expert Panel and Birds of a Feather (I am RAC SIG board member) was also excellent. The Expert Panel had such esteemed panelists as Graham Wood from Oracle's Real World Performance Team, Christo Kutrovsky from Pythian, Markus Michalewicz from Oracle RAC and Arup Nanda "Long Time DBA". Yury has provided some links to their presentations here.

However, the most satisfying part of the entire conference was networking and meeting with many professionals from all over the world. I met some smart Oracle professionals from different companies (Pythian, Walgreens, Facebook , Amazon etc). The folks at Pythian were awesome as usual - I think they had at least six presenters including Alex Gorbachev who did a High Availability Deep Dive session. I personally received lots of support and encouragement from @yvelikanov and @fuadar among others in my social network.

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a party animal but I have to give kudos to the IOUG staff for putting on a great 80's party to top things off. What happens in Vegas.... :-)
Overall it was a very good conference and I highly recommend it to any Oracle technologist or professional.

Here are my presentations.


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