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My Collaborate 12 Presentations

IOUG Collaborate 12 has come and gone and here I am two months letter without an update. As the saying goes -  better late than never.
This was my first time at Collaborate and presenting to a user group. It was a very personal and professionally gratifying experience. My quick tip session (30 minutes) about RAC/Clusterware Diagnostic Tools went very well for a rookie. I received some great feedback. However, the session proved to be too short to cover the scope of the content and I'm working on preparing an extended version for anyone interested. My second presentation on Learning Oracle with Oracle VM VirtualBox was not as I expected. Maybe it was because of the massive room that I presented in - less intimate and very intimidating. Nevertheless, it was an OK presentation and I had a couple of very engaged attendees who had many questions at the end of the session. Questions are good - in my opinion.
In addition to the my sessions, I found some time to attend others. A few of th…