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Collaborate 12 Sessions

I've been lucky enough to have been accepted as a presenter at IOUG Collaborate 12 in Las Vegas, NV to be held April 22-26. I will be presenting the following sessions:

High Availability Boot Camp: Looking at RAC, Clusterware/Grid Infrastructure Diagnostic Tools
Learning Oracle with Oracle VM VirtualBox

As RAC SIG US Events Chair I will also be organizing the RAC SIG Experts Panel and Birds of a Feather.  I'm excited and anxious for what will be my first public presentations. Hope the attendees will enjoy it.
See you in Las Vegas!

HP Cloud Services Beta

HP has opened up beta testing of their public cloud service - HP Cloud Services for a couple of months now, and I was lucky enough to be selected as an early private beta tester. HP Cloud Services is built on the open source cloud platform OpenStack and provides the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model of cloud computing.
This post will just highlight my experiences with HP Cloud Services so far from the point of view of an Oracle DBA.
Setup There are a couple of ways to access the HP Cloud resources. First there is the web-based management console that allows you to do basic administration. Here you can view, create and modify your compute instances and object storage. It also allows you to view your account keys, security IDs and other pertinent information needed to access and control your resources. Then there is the Unix command line interface (CLI) which is my preferred method of accessing and using HP Cloud. In addition, you can use RESTful APIs to access HP Cloud Compute …