Enterprise Manger 12c Cloud Control Mobile for iPhone

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control now has a mobile app that enables you to view and manage incidents and problems generated from targets. No you can't manage or monitor your targets (yet). But you can see errors related to your targets - hosts, databases, clusters, middleware etc. which should make proactive maintenance easier when you're away from your desktop.

Please Note: It's highly recommended that your EM infrastructure be in a secured network behind a firewall. I accessed my EM console via a VPN connection.

Here are some screenshots from the new mobile iPhone app for Oracle Enterprise 12c Cloud Control.
After you do the initial setup, which I admit is a bit wonky, you can then select your EM site. You will see the login screen like the one below.

View all open problems.

Viewing a specific problem.

Listing fo all open incidents

All unacknowledged incidents

Manage problems by updating status, owner, priority, escalation status and add comments.

View incident status

I think this is a good start, but I hope more functionality is added over time to make this an even more useful add-on to an excellent product.


  1. is there a default URL that can work with this iphone app? I tired with port 7788 and it does not work.

  2. You can try the default secure URL for your environment. It would depend on the port number you sed during installation of the OMS.
    e.g. https://omshostname:7801/em


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