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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control: Plugin Deployment

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control incorporates the use of plugins to extend its functionality for management of the complete cloud stack. Plugins are provided for databases, middleware, virtualization among others.
For a few weeks I had been struggling to deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c agents on IBM AIX 6.1 targets. This became a very lengthy cycle of patching, searching and tweeting in an attempt to get things going. I finally had the agent deployed on the hosts but no targets were being discovered. After coming acrossMOS Note [ID 1388143.1]I discovered that I needed to update and deploy the database plugin in order to discover the database targets.
To deploy plugins go to Setup->Extensibility->Self Update
From this screen you can see a list of plugins and their status. If there is an updated plugin available it will have a non-zero revision number in the Revision column and the status will be available. The Oracle Database plugin update (20111221) above was dow…

Managing Oracle 11g RAC and Grid Infrastructure with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control

This is a place holder for a blog post on using Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control for managing Oracle 11gR2 RAC and Grid Infrastructure. Hopefully, I'll get some time to actually do a write-up. For now, enjoy the screenshots.

Enterprise Manger 12c Cloud Control Mobile for iPhone

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control now has a mobile app that enables you to view and manage incidents and problems generated from targets. No you can't manage or monitor your targets (yet). But you can see errors related to your targets - hosts, databases, clusters, middleware etc. which should make proactive maintenance easier when you're away from your desktop.

Please Note: It's highly recommended that your EM infrastructure be in a secured network behind a firewall. I accessed my EM console via a VPN connection.

Here are some screenshots from the new mobile iPhone app for Oracle Enterprise 12c Cloud Control.
After you do the initial setup, which I admit is a bit wonky, you can then select your EM site. You will see the login screen like the one below.

View all open problems.
Viewing a specific problem.

Listing fo all open incidents

All unacknowledged incidents
Manage problems by updating status, owner, priority, escalation status and add comments.

View incident statu…

Grid Infrastructure for AIX 64 includes Cluster Health Monitor

Cluster Health Monitor or CHM (formerly IPD/OS) is a utility used to gather OS metrics such as physical memory, swap, CPU usage etc. It's useful for troubleshooting node reboots or evictions, instance evictions as well as poor performance. CHM gathers data in real time with little resource overhead and stores the metrics which can then be retrieved for root-cause analysis. This is very important as other utilities often cannot provide such detailed metrics if there's a resource issue on a node.
CHM was bundled with  Grid Infrastructure for Linux and Solaris (x86-64) platforms in However, the feature has now been made available in Grid Infrastructure for AIX. After upgrading from to a new resource ora.crf can be seen in the CRS stack.

grid@oradba10t[+ASM1]-/home/grid >crsctl stat res -t -init