RACcheck - RAC Configuration Audit Tool

The Oracle RAC Assurance team has been working on a handy little goody for quite sometime. RACcheck as the name aptly implies turns out to be quite useful at checking your RAC configuration for any issues as well as provides recommendations for correcting them. It checks database, ASM, Grid Infrastructure and Clusterware components as well as infrastructure level components such as OS, storage and network. Setup is straightforward and you can run it as the database installation owner (oracle). Root or sudo privileges are required for some checks. MOS Note 1268927.1 describes it in detail. So far it works on RedHat Linux, AIX, and Solaris SPARC and SuSE Linux. Please note that bash is required for running this utility so if you're using an OS such as AIX which doesn't have bash installed by default you may want to discuss this with your systems administrator.

Here's the HTML output of running RAC Check against a 2-node cluster running on AIX 6.1. Results are also saved in XML format and it even provides a SQL output of results so they can be stored in a database for further retrieval.
If you're running RAC in your environment, I highly recommend it.


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