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Grid Infrastructure Hands-On: Automatic SSH Setup

While installing Oracle RAC it is important to setup SSH user equivalence for installation of of the binaries.  Oracle 11gR2 RAC now includes automatic ssh setup. While reading one of my favorite blogs by Martin Bach he describes using a utility called for setting up user equivalence for RAC. This takes out some of the repetitive steps needed to setup ssh user equivalence when installing a RAC cluster.  As Martin pointed out you can also use OUI to setup user equivalence but it helps if you can run the cluster verification utility (CVU) to check on many pre-requisites before starting the installation.  During installation using OUI on the AIX platform however, OUI is unable to perform automatic SSH setup. This means that SSH user equivalence will need to be setup manually prior to installation.

To ease the setup all you need to do is to run the script and follow the prompts directions. It takes as parameters the user (oracle or grid) cluster hosts and o…

RAC RDA Setup on AIX

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is a Oracle utility used to collect information on RAC configurations. It collects a wealth of information that would otherwise be tedious to collect manually. This includes operating system, network, hardware, database, cluster configuration and logs. This is useful for troubleshooting RAC issues such as node evictions. Once collected this information can then be uploaded to My Oracle Support (MOS) as part of a SR. It also complements Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) which is used to proactively do health checks and help with the speedy resolution of SRs. RDA can be downloaded from MOS.
Unzip the RDA archive oracle@gridora31[gridprd2]-/u02 >cd /mnt/orasource/AIX/utils
oracle@gridora31[gridprd2]-/mnt/orasource/AIX/utils >ls orion_aix_ppc64.gz osw3b.tar