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Viewing ASM trace files and alert logs in Unix/Linux

ASM trace files begin with the "+" prefix.  On Unix/Linux I normally view database trace files using the more/less or vi/vim/view commands.  These commands and their variants however accept the "+" command as an option. Run 'man' on any of the commands to see what the "+" option does. Trying to use either of these commands may leave you a bit bewildered at first.

[grid@oelgrid01 trace]$ more +ASM1_ora_15496.trc
usage: more [-dflpcsu] [+linenum | +/pattern] name1 name2 ...[grid@oelgrid01 trace]$ less +ASM1_ora_15496.trcMissing filename ("less --help" for help) You have several other options to viewing these trace files.  Of course, you could do a tail/head against the file e.g tail -50 +ASM_filename.trc.  But if the file was pretty big you would probably want to traverse back and forth.  For a small tracefile whose standard output fits on the screen you could just issue either of the following commands:
cat +ASM_filename.trc
cat +ASM_filename…