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Run Ubuntu in the Cloud

I am testing running Ubuntu Server 10.10 in the Cloud.  Canonical made it easy as 1,2,3 to test an Ubuntu Server AWS instance running on EC2.  Just login with your account and select the type of server you want to install - base install,  WordPress (the one I chose) , MoinMoin and Drupal 7 beta.  The EC2 instance in the cloud lasts for 55 mins but it will give you enough time to play around with Ubuntu Server before it disappears. You can either use your SSH public key to login to your instance or password authentication.  I chose the former.  After resetting my password on login I was up an running in less than 5 minutes! The server itself was configured with 10GB of RAM with a 10GB / mount point and 140 GB /mnt mount point .  See top output below. This truly indicates the power of cloud computing.  Virtually zero hardware cost, utility billing (billed to Canonical - thanks for the dime guys) rapid deployment and elasticity. The original [test] blog was actually posted from…