Oracle OpenWorld Schedule Builder

For all those going to OpenWorld this year - Schedule Builder has been the tool of choice to help navigate the thousands of sessions being presented/demoed.   I initially started putting together my agenda on July 22 with the IOUG events.  However, after several re-iterations and fine-tuning my schedule I realized that my sessions disappeared from the calendar of the Build Agenda section.

I checked the My Agenda section and all my sessions were still there.  Thinking it was a minor glitch of some sort, I wasn't too troubled hoping that things would reappear once the 'glitch' was worked out.  I forgot about it after several weeks and when I finally got around to logging back in I realized that my sessions were not restored.  Seeing that I spent several hours in building the schedule, I really wasn't thrilled about rebuilding from scratch.  I fired off an email to the OpenWorld registration team in the hope that they could help fix the issue.  They recommended rebuilding my schedule...not what I wanted to hear.  Anyways, I started rebuilding process only to realize that many of the sessions that I already selected were now full.  Today I logged in to Schedule Builder and to my surprise all of originally selected sessions had magically re-appeared.  


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