Oracle OpenWorld Day 1 (review)

So User Group Forum day has come and gone. The IOUG sessions were pretty good.  Naturally I was focusing on RAC, Grid Infrastructure/ASM etc.  My favourite session of the day was the Grid 2.0 session by Pythian's Alex Gorbachev - high entertainment value (oh yeah I learned stuff too). Running a close second to that was the Oracle Experts panel - pretty informative discussions but there wasn't enough time to answer all the questions.

I also got to meet up with some pretty cool guys from twitterland - Chet (oraclenerd), Sunil Ranka and even ran into Alex  in between sessions.

Chet and myself met up at the Welcome Keynote where we were expecting to have front-row seats - with our press/blogger pass and all.  Too late.  Safra Catz gave the opening welcome and introduced the HP keynote speakers.  This proved to be the most agonizing hour for most attendees including myself.  After what seemed like an eternity Larry did his own long pre-introductory ritual via the BMW/Oracle racing (by the way it won the America's Cup).  Larry announced the ExaLogic Cloud Computing machine -- cloud in a box (see my previous post), Fusion Apps and Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel - a new version of Oracle's Enterprise Linux which breaks away from the Red Hat compatible version.

It was a good first day overall.  Looking forward to today's sessions.


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