How to find Oracle Patchset

After being 'leaked' last week, the Oracle patchset for Linux  x86/x86_64 was officially made public on 09/13.
If you were like me, frantically searching e-delivery, MOS and OTN to find the files to download - login to My Oracle Support, click on Patches.  Under the Patching Quick Patch Links section on the top left click on Latest Patchsets under Oracle Server/Tools.  Select the architecture required (x86 or x86_64), download and install (after reading the Readme of course).   There are 7 files in all for a total of (4.8GB) but you may not need all of them (though I'm pretty sure I'll be downloading everything).

For everyone else not running on the 'Penguin Platform' you'll just have to wait until the other releases become available.

Some of the changes are pretty significant while some new features were added.  One of the most notable changes is that the patchset is a full-install - no longer required to install the base version first.  All upgrades are recommended out-of-place.  Grid Infrastructure upgrades are required to be out-of-place.

Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With [ID 1189783.1]

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( New features Guide


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