Another Oracle OpenWorld Day 1 Post

Gonna jump on the OpenWorld bloggers bandwagon this morning with another 'Day 1' post.

I arrived in SF last night at about 9pm via OAK. Found my way to the hotel fairly easily apart from going in the wrong direction after coming off the BART. Quickly checked google maps and made a u-turn.
There was some difficulty sleeping last night due to all the roadside traffic.  Since I was up at about 2:30am I checked out the OpenWorld iPhone app to do mobile check-in via SMS.  There was a reply from my CHECKIN text message that asked where I wanted to pick up my badge - Hilton or Moscone West.  I chose the latter and a second later I got another reply telling me that I can pick up my badge at that location when it reopens at 10am.

Today is user group forum day - MySQL, IOUG, ODTUG etc.  I'll be at the IOUG sessions so I plan on heading out about 10am to pick up my badge and like most other folks on my twitter list check out the first session at 12:30 pm.

3:30pm update --

After a not too lengthy registration registration this morning - I met up with a couple of friends and hung out for a bit.  I then attended two IOUG sessions - both RAC & Grid related.  The second speaker was Pythian's Alex Gorbachev who presented an informative and humorous session on Grid 2.0.  In his presentation Alex hinted at something that has been floating in mind since I arrived in SF.  Oracle will announce their own private cloud - PaaS offering.  Some of my associates seem to agree, having seen the new Oracle Database Machine v3 (ExaLogic).  This would make sense seeing that they have Sun's hardware in house plus all the resources behind it.  Personally, I was hoping to see and "Iron Man Machine" (remember Larry's cameo in Iron Man 2?).

I have another IOUG session to attend at 4:00pm and the Welcome keynote at 5:30pm.  Updates after the break...


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