Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne and Oracle Develop

Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne and Oracle Develop

I decided to try for blogger registration for Oracle OpenWorld this year after hearing many good things from fellow bloggers/tweeters. Surprisingly, Oracle was gracious enough to approve my registration. I say surprisingly because I do not blog very frequently due to the demands of my 'day job', but apparently it met the criteria for blogger registration - go figure.  If you are interested in blogger registration, you can find more info here

So after booking my hotel and convincing my boss to pay for travel expenses, I explored the schedule builder to discover sessions of interests. There are quite a number of sessions on topics including RAC, Database 11gR2, Automatic Segment Management (ASM), Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Deploying database in the Cloud, and Oracle VM. You can view the content catalog here.
Looking forward to soaking up all the information I can as well as networking with peers.

OpenWorld 2010 will take place September 19 - 23, 2010 at Mascone Center in San Francisco.


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