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Oracle VirtualBox 3.2 features for the database

I haven't updated my blog in a while, so I thought what better way to get things going again than post my latest interactions with VirtualBox.  Ever since the Oracle branded version of VirtualBox rolled out with version 3.2 on May 18, there have been many new features and improvements.
Prompted by last week's "What's new in 3.2?" Oracle VirtualBox Webinar by Andy Hall and Achim Hasenmueller of the VirtualBox team I decide to listmy favorite new features - Page Fusion, Support for  deleting snapshots while running a guest and disabling host I/O cache.  I listed these features as my fave because of their direct relationship with running Oracle Databases in  a VirtualBox environment and RAC in particular.  (I'll post a blog about my new Oracle 11gR2 RAC on VirtualBox in the next installment).  Page Fusion increases VM guest density via memory de-duplication.  In a nutshell it gives you the ability to run more VMs with less RAM. Snapshots are a pretty handy featu…