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Enterprise Manger Grid Control 11g Installation on RHEL5 x86_64

On April 22, 2010 Oracle released a new version of their grid-enabled management software - Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g. As a DBA I have come to rely heavily on this tool for the monitoring of databases, notifications and the ability to quickly diagnose and tune performance related issues (with the Diagnostics and Tuning Pack). Most of our databases are on Oracle 10gR2 but we have been planning several upgrade projects to 11gR2. Given that we are currently on Enterprise Manager - 11gR2 databases are not supported. According to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Certification Checker [ID 412431.1] an upgrade to release along with required patchsets would be required in order to support 11gR2 targets, and even so some features would not be supported. I decided that instead of going to altogether I would start testing the 11g release since it would fully support all of the databases new features. Unfortunately, since only the Linux and So…