Oracle & Cloud Computing

I must admit it's been a long time since my last blog. It's been a year and a half since I relocated to the US so I'm pretty much settled in now. As the old saying goes - better late than never.

Having launched Oracle VM over a year ago it seems like Oracle's poised to continue extending it's reach into the Cloud (no pun intended). With it's flagship Oracle Database product along with Fusion Middleware and Enterprise Manager being EC2 licensable and supported by Oracle and/or Amazon, it should provide a bit of relief for those seeking low-cost highly available and reputable database infrastructure. There's also a native cloud module for it's Secure Backup product which could be a potential cost-effective way to reduce off-site storage costs.

Add to this, the mix of AMI's which include prepackaged varieties of Database Server, Enterprise Linux and Grid Control it becomes quite clear that the company is embracing the Cloud. Look out for it's private cloud intiative too which would enable companies to provide a similar service as AWS in a more localized setting.

As with all new technology, customer adoption will be key to the success or failure of Oracle's strategy.

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