Oracle Virtual Test Machines

In my most recent attempt to experience the new and wonderful features that Oracle 11g has to offer I needed to get myself another sandbox. Unfortunately my current employer is unable to provide such tools so it's back to the virtual environment for me.

My first journey in the virtualization arena took me on a roller coaster ride in my attempt to install Oracle 10g RAC on VMWare ESX 3. That was my first blog. My first thought was to try out Oracle's VM Server since I am in all honesty attached to Oracle's products by an umbilical cord. However, having moved into a job, state and country I didn't have the necessary resources to do this - namely a machine with enough specs to do what I wanted. So armed with my HP Pavillion dv2715nr laptop with 2GB RAM and dual-core AMD x64 Turion processor running Windows Vista Home Premium and Ubuntu 8.04 I attempted to install Oracle Database 11g.

My choice of virtual machine was VirtualBox 1.6.2. Previously I had installed the free VMWare Server on my Windows Vista partition and actually had Oracle Database 10g (with Data Gaurd) running quite happily. However I found VMWare Server to be a resource hog and slow as molasses! After inadvertently trashing my Windows partition after a failed dual boot installation I installed VirtualBox on both Windows Vista and Ubuntu (wubi version). On Windows I created a Windows Server 2003 guest on VirtualBox and installed Oracle Database 11g without much hassle. VirtualBox on Ubuntu was another story. In short after about 4 weeks of installing, re-installing, forums, user manuals and countless monster energy drinks I finally got Oracle 11g installed on my Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 guest on my Ubuntu host.

Now to test (and most likely break) Oracle 11g.


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