Installing Oracle 10g RAC on VMWare ESX 3

I'm about to embark on setting up Oracle 10g RAC on a VMware ESX 3 server. I've seen a number of articles on the web on setting up RAC on VMware but not ESX server in particular. There was a previously published article on OTN about setting up RAC on VMware which was subsequently removed. However I've been trying to take out bits and pieces from other article like Tarry Singh's extensive article on and one from


  1. OK so it's been a rough day. Did most of the pre-requisite set-ups on 1 node so far. The plan was to go as far as possible using 1 node and then clone it and finish the RAC setup.
    Brakes! Cloned the server and powered it up - nothing...Tried to clone the first node into a template and deployed a new VM based on it..still nothing. OK - so clone and deploy from the first node - power up the VM and still nothing. So far I think I've deleted and recreated the VM no less than ten times and I cannot fingure out why it's not starting - all that comes up is the screen where it's searching for an OS via dhcp/pxe and keeps failing with the message 'No Operating System Found'.

    Next step recreate the VM from scratch...which means I'll have to duplicate all the pre-requisite steps on node 2 - I guess this would be a more realistic simulation :(

  2. Since the last time I updated - I was able to recreate the second node from scratch and install the RHEL 4 update 3. The pre-requisite were also configured as well as I finally got the shared storage working (yeaaahh!!!).
    So now I'm gearing up to do the Clusterware installation...but one slight problem - the second node keeps rebooting unexpectedly. Oh man there goes my bubble again :(

  3. I was finally able to get both nodes up and was able to install and configure OCFS2 and ASM.
    Clusterware installation took a bit of work but if finally happened - Thanks to Tarry.

    Next on the list is the RAC software installation including ASM.

  4. I'm still having trouble with random reboots one node 2 as well as clock synchronization issues between the nodes. However, so far I've been able to work around these issues and the successfully installed the database software and created the listeners. The installation document is getting pretty large too - so whenever that's finished we should have a fairly comprehensive reference source.

    By the way, all the steps that have been completed successfully on VMWare have been ported to our physical servers for our 2 node 10g RAC.

  5. Hello Jadba,

    Did you manage to make a finally documentation on installing RAC on VMware? I'm trying to do the same thing on my laptop and I don't exactly know what VMware will be suitable to use: Workstation, Server?
    Thank you,

  6. Dear jadba

    Did you setup the RAC on ESX finally ?


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